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                             Our Tasks:



  • We adhere to all the responsibilities required by Federal & State regulations including:       

  • Explaining to consumers and their families the budget systems supporting people 

  • Working with the person and family in creating a support and service plan that details: how best to support the person, defines the needed services and their cost while ensuring the plan is within their budget, selects providers that will implement the plan

  • Monitoring the implementation of the plan with monthly phone contact, quarterly face-to-face visits, annual home visits, and subsequent reports

  • Adjusting the plan as needed to reflect the changing goals and needs of the consumer and or family

  • Assisting the person and family in successfully navigating the complex social service and provider system supporting people  in your market area

  • Effectively listen, communicate, and provide compassionate support to the consumer and their family

  • Learning and becoming comfortable discussing the financial and legal issues facing people and their families including Guardianship, Wills, and Special Needs Trusts

  • Inputting and updating all support activity as required by Federal & State Entities.

  • Responding quickly (within 48 hours or less) to all requests for information from consumers, their family, providers, officials, and management regarding the consumers served.

  • Effectively use technology in communication with consumers and preparing service plans and budgets

  • Represent in a professional manner upholding the values.

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